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Pulse Massacre OneOrlando Fund Probate Requirements

The OneOrlando Fund has raised over $20 million for the victims of the terrible mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub, which occurred in June 2016. Yesterday, August 4, 2016, the Fund’s organizers held a Town Hall Meeting, where they met with survivors and the families of those who died in the shooting. The Fund’s leadership has created a draft “Distribution Protocol,” which describes the process for distributing the money raised by the Fund. The protocol can be found here. Payments will be made to the survivors of deceased victims; to those injured in the shooting; and to those who were… Read More

Who Is Liable In A Truck Accident?

Each day on American highways, there are commercial truck accidents in almost every state. These accidents involve significantly greater damage than car accidents not involving big trucks. This is because commercial trucks carry cargo that can weigh more than 30 times the weight of the average passenger vehicle. This weight and their size makes passenger cars no matchup for commercial trucks in motor vehicle accidents. Added to this size and volume are the typical highway speeds of our freeways and even surface streets. Speed plus size and weight usually equals catastrophic damages, injuries and loss of lives in truck accidents.… Read More

Joint Account Holders or Payable on Death Accounts

Great care needs to be exercised in designating a relative as a joint holder on bank accounts, investment accounts, or even real estate and other tangible property. This may be the clear intention of the person, but many times the person is confused and wants all of the beneficiaries to share the proceeds equally. They may even have made this designation in a trust document. Challenging these designations is difficult to be sure, but should be considered if you believe a beneficiary is being unjustly compensated or is receiving an unequal distribution of the estate assets. If you are considering… Read More

Orlando, Inc.’s Member of the Month

We’re proud that our law firm has been chosen as Orlando, Inc.’s Member of the Month! Check it out here.

What Are The Top Signs Of Neglect In Nursing Home?

According to the National Adult Protective Services Association(2017), “Neglect is a form of mistreatment by individuals resulting from inadequate attention, especially through carelessness or disregard for the needs of others.” Neglect is different than abuse in the intent. Abuse is typically an act that is performed on purpose, while neglect is an act that is performed without thinking or trying to commit any harm. Even though neglect can be unintentional, the person who commits neglect and hurts someone in the process can be found legally accountable for the injuries. Not only is abuse a part of nursing home facilities, but… Read More

WealthCounsel’s Featured Member

We’re proud that our law firm has been chosen as WealthCounsel’s featured member! Check it out here:

Congratulations to Florida same-sex Couples Getting Married Today!

We’re proud to celebrate the fact that marriage equality became real today for all Floridians. Read the Orlando Sentinel’s story here.

Is January 6 Florida’s Day For Same Sex Marriage?

On August 21, Judge Robert Hinkle of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida ruled that Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution. The Appeals Court ordered Judge Hinkle’s decision be stayed (suspended) through Jan. 5, 2015. The good news is that many same-sex couples in Florida who were married in other jurisdictions will benefit from Florida’s laws concerning homestead, elective share, family allowance and tenancy by the entirety. Further, it is expected that the Florida courts will no longer be able to deny divorce rights, alimony or equitable distribution rights to such couples. There is still a… Read More

The 2011 Florida Power of Attorney Act and its Implications

Many people are familiar with the concept of Power of Attorney—it allows a principal to grant authority to an agent to act on the principal’s behalf. This is a very useful tool for end-of-life planning, as it allows an individual’s loved ones to access and manage the individual’s assets. On October 1, 2011, a new Florida Power of Attorney Act went into effect. Some substantial changes went into effect with the passing of this new law. Any Power of Attorney that was properly executed before October 1, 2011 will continue to be effective. Further, any Power of Attorney properly executed… Read More

The Case of the not-so-simple Will

A woman who used a commercial will instead of hiring an attorney apparently thwarted her intent on disposing of some of her property and sparked litigation that cost many times what she saved by using the generic form. This Florida Bar News article describes the facts and the unfortunate outcome. Don’t make the same mistake!

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